In The End Music Will Save Us All

Inspiration, Passion, Belief.

This is a necessary evil

I hate writing these things. 

Basically ever since i was little, I’ve been in love with music, my passion has grown into a; well some might say obsession, but to be perfectly honest music is and always will be my first love. I may not be a musician, and i may not be able to read music but if you have it in your heart you have it in your soul. Once you hear a song you love, your hooked that’s how the passion grows, that’s how i found something to believe in again. Because, I don’t believe in many gods, but please remember this; they cant save us now, now we’re here, on this earth, we’re on our own. That’s how it will always be until we’re gone, and most likely never even remembered, that is unless we do something great in our lives, make our own legacy.Sometimes you do need saving, some people pray, i turn up the radio, music is my religion and believe me i’m faithful.

29 thoughts on “This is a necessary evil

  1. I love this post, I too am obsessed with music, Jeff Buckley is my muse.

  2. I popped out the womb with a song in my heart. My earliest memories as a child were tunes I heard on our radio in the dingy hotel room mom and I escaped to when she left my dad. Music is also as important as oxygen to me.

  3. Music is the love of my life…..

  4. gaybodgulator on said:

    My Nephew is 9 months old. He cannot talk. He loves music.

    I know, beacuse when he hears music he dances (well actually rocks on his hips). When the music stops, he looks towards the speakers.

    When he visits anyone’s house he looks at the television, even if it’s switched off. When the TV is on and playing music he listens. The rest of the time he is waiting for the music to start.

    Now he can crawl (well belly shuffle). He had not seen my TV switched on, but he had heard the stereo. When he came to visit this week I let him choose where to go whilst I watched him ready to say “no”. He understands “no”.

    He headed straight for the stereo, picked up a CD and played with it. Later the stereo was switched on.

    I know why he likes remote controls and mobile phones. He picked up one of my remote controls, pressed some buttons and the TV came on. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s known for some time and he’s decided to let me know.

  5. Even to AnElephant, music is a source of wonder, passion, confusion and memories.
    Great stuff here.
    Thanks for visit and follow.

  6. Music helps me remember myself. It gives me the strength and joy I need to survive. I *so* get this.
    And thank you for following my site.

  7. Thanks for the follow of my site .. music and Tarot are both archetypal and we miss something by not listening.

  8. Mélissa on said:

    I know how you feel. Music kind of saved my life too. Thanks for following my website by the way!

  9. I really like your blog! As such, I nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. Cheers!

  10. Thanks for the follow. Interesting space you have here. Nice to see the emphasis you have put on the importance of music. Thanks.

  11. I can totally relate to this! Music is perhaps the most important ‘thing’ in my life. There is something that is perfect for every occasion and, for me, I find that songs can work just as well – if not better – than the sense smell for evoking sense memory of a different time and place. That’s a really special thing. Keep enjoying the music!!! 🙂

  12. music is truly something which can take you to a different place, something to bring out the feelings from your inside…thanx for following the blog…….

  13. Music is amazing. That word feel inadequate to describe the miracle of music. You really don’t have to be a musician to be in love with it. Though being in love with it often motivates one to become a musician. I know that’s how it worked with me.

  14. Freaking excellent! Music is the best thing in the whole wide world for me. You write what I think, and that is not something I take light on, so thank you so much for putting this down. Fucking awesome.

  15. I love this post! Very well written and so true!

  16. Music adorns my life – anything from jazz, through easy listening to grand opera and all other kinds. So I ‘get’ your post and thanks for sharing. Thanks also for subscribing to my blog. 🙂

  17. Hi, and thanks for following my blog. 🙂 What a great idea for a blog you have here…going to have a look around. Music rules!!

  18. I recently met a lady in her 90’s and she asked me if I wanted to know how she’s lived so long, so of course I said yes. “Music, just listen to music.” Good advice!
    (And thank you for following my blog too!!)

  19. Thanks for following my blog. I just love what you say here! 😀

  20. lizziloves on said:

    This…I just….yes. No other words really…

  21. Hi! I see you’re following my blog (, and I just want you to know I’ve changed blogname to
    Looking forward to see you continue reading.
    Best regards Ida

  22. Hello, thanks for having found my dream blog and for the follow. It is good to have found your site, the best to you as always and don’t forget to push off and start flying when next lucidly awakened… Do enjoy my blogs!

  23. Beautiful post, and I am with you 100%. I incorporate music into my daughters life daily. I love music from all around the world. I listen to music to travel with, to inspire, to relax and to get back to parts of myself I have neglected or forgotten. I appreciate your following my blog bubblemomentpages and will be “listening” to what you have to say regularly.

  24. I have nominated you for an “Awesome Blog Content (ABC)” Award because of your passion for music. The link to the award post is here:
    I look forward to reading what you do with this but I understand that there is a bit of work involved -so I will not be offended in any way if you choose not to play along. I will keep the link to your site on my blog because of the great work you are doing. Passion about music is no small thing so thanks.

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